Accessories for one-man operation

Log feeding

Accessories for feeding the log onto the sawmill table

  • KARA log lifter for mobile sawmills
  • Log lifter lifts one log at a time onto the sawmill table
  • KARA one log feeder for stationary sawmills
  • One log feeder feeds one log at the time onto the sawmill table
  • Log lifter and one log feeder are powered by sawmill hydraulics

Adjusting the log

log adjuster´s unique structure frees both sides of the sawmill table for log infeed and for further timber processing

Log adjuster with rotating device

  • KARA log adjuster rotates the log into correct sawing position
  • Aligns the log sideways
  • Adjusts the cant against the size adjuster
  • Lifts the slabs from the slab conveyor back to sawmill table for further processing
  • Works with the cant flipper to handle even large blocks easily
  • Lengthwise movable log adjuster eases the handling of varying log lengths

Fastening the log

Secure fastening of the log before cutting ensures the good quality of the further process. KARA log fastener attaches the log quickly and firmly to the sawmill table prohibiting the log from twisting and moving

Mechanical and hydraulic log fastener


  • Mechanical: When the log is driven backwards the fastener lifts up and breaks in to the butt end of the log
  • Hydraulic: The log is held on it´s place by log adjuster arms and the fastener is hydraulically pushed in to the log
  • Four detachable spikes firmly grasp the log

Processing the cant

automatic block aligner and cant flipper make the operator´s work significantly lighter and faster

Automatic block aligner and cant flipper


  • Automatic block aligner: The log adjuster´s arm pushes even the curved blocks automatically against the size adjuster fence and along the cutting line.
  • Cant flipper is an auxiliary device to the log adjuster for quick and safe turning heavy blocks on the feeding table

Slab conveyor

  • For flexible handling of the slabs for further processing, edging and resawing
  • From the slab conveyor the slabs are lifted on to the sawmill table with the log adjuster arm
  • Can also function as a feeding conveyor for board edger

Moving sawn goods and slabs

dropping devices for removing the ready sawn lumber from the sawing table. Slabs that need further processing are conveniently returned to the feed end with help of the KARA backing wheel for slabs.

Dropping device and backing wheel for slabs

  • Dropping device removes the lumber from the sawmill table
  • Optional electro-hydraulic dropping device is also suited for sorting the lumber and the large beams
  • Backing wheel holds upright the slabs returned to feed end for further sawing
  • Hydraulic backing wheel as option