Sawmill lines

KARA SAWMILL LINES The clients´ individual requirements in design and implementation of sawmill plants can be fullfilled by utilizing the versatile characteristics of KARA circular sawmills, KARA machines for sawmill plants and modular conveyor equipment

  • Log conveyors
  • KARA sawmills
  • KARA machines for sawmill plants
  • Cross conveyors for slabs and lumber
  • Roll conveyors
  • Cross conveyors for lumber
  • KARA trimming table
  • Engineering and design
  • Customized solutions

Log conveyor

  • Cross conveyor with four chains
  • To be combined with KARA one log feeder
  • Length 6 meters, others according to agreement

Log conveyor

  • Longitudal chain conveyor with lugs
  • End stopper and two-sided hydraulic log pusher as option
  • Operated manually by the operator or automatically with logic control

Cross conveyor for slabs and lumber

  • Transport chain with or without lugs for conveying slabs and lumber
  • Modular construction, easy to install and possible to alterate

Cross conveyor for lumber

  • Conveyor for temporary storage and sorting of lumber
  • Robust plain chain
  • Modular construction, later extension possible

Roll conveyors

  • Roll conveyor for transporting and sorting lumber
  • Modular elements: Plain rollers or screw rollers
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic dividing flap as option

Trimming of lumber

TRIMMING TABLE -  For crosscutting to module lengths, trimming and quality grading.

  • One man operated
  • Placed in line after circular sawmills for green lumber
  • Separate infeed for dried lumber
  • Modular construction: Cross conveyor, measurement stoppers, crosscut saw for top and butt end, and transfer rollers

Waste conveyors

BELT CONVEYOR Belt conveyor for slabs and waste

  • Transporting of slabs and rips to chipper or KARA crosscut saw for slabs
  • Modular construction
  • Width of the belt 400 mm